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Oakridge Excavating Services

We provide service for businesses, homes and new construction projects.

Basic Services:

  • Driveways, dolomite, gravel, concrete garage floors

  • Underground sprinkling

  • Retaining walls

  • Land clearing, top soil, landscaping and sod work

  • Underground sprinkling systems

  • Basement walls

  • New construction excavating

  • Septic Systems and drain fields

  • Private ponds

Advanced Services:

  • City water systems: sewers, storm drains, water feeders.

  • Land clearing for new developments.

  • Basement walls, foundations, driveways, retaining walls.

  • Ditch and culvert work.

  • Irrigation systems.

    Any and all type of excavation work

Specialized Equipment for Projects

  • We have heavy earth moving equipment including movers, removal equipment.
  • Land leveling for commercial farming.

Other specialized applications

  • With our new topographic GPS system to create elevated views of projects and layout for development you can get a feel for the finished look.

  • Main drain pipes damaged, we replace them.

  • Catch basin repairs and replacements is also one of our strengths.

  • Need to have your company lawn moved, we supply lawn services and landscaping.

  • We provide services for the following counties: Newaygo, Muskegon and surrounding areas.